I Do Not Understand Life…

I do not understand life, no matter how many times I have tried.

Maybe, life is not meant to be understood in its totality, because if it was that easy to grasp its grandiose depth and width, where would all those articulate reflection and heartfelt retrospection come from? That being said, I do wish that life could take its spectacle down a notch by being less confusing to grasp; that being said, I do wish that the inexplicable unfairness that we all seem to encounter, at some point of our journey, be less life-changing and tormenting so that whoever is up for living it could learn the life lessons that need to be learned, while still having the free-spirited mindset to enjoy the process every step of the way.

Some of us live the unfairness for a brief moment, while others endure it for a lifetime. For those, who have to reside at the bottom of the social hierarchy, it is not always their lack of talent that makes homelessness and hunger their constant companions. For some of those, who enjoy fame and fortune on the top, it seems like, more and more, what makes them despised by the public is also exactly what continuously pushes them to the top of the social ladder; a paradoxical reality that penetrates all aspects of life.

There is a girl, who often draws on the floor on the outside of a downtown shopping mall. she uses chalk, and is able to translate brilliantly her creativity into a vivid sketching that not only showcases her artistic disciplines and expression, but also makes drawing, this particular art form, seem less intimidating, by rendering it more accessible for the public to see.

For most of us, who watch her chalk it away, we are wired to believe that having a well-cultivated talent lays the foundation to create and lead a good life, the definition of which is usually defined and measured by financial gains. In the case of this talented chalky girl, judging solely based on her appearance, she is surely not leading a life of comfort and leisure. Rain or shine, she is at the same spot, chalking away. Monday or Sunday, she is still there, smilingly immersed in her own passion. People notice her. They stop to witness and admire her talent. Some will show her their appreciation in the form of monetary donation. Pennies, dimes, loonies, and toonies are what she gets to put in her pocket at the end of the day. Is this fair?

Life, I do not understand you.

Published by Robbie's Blog

I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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