Is Santa Real?

Is Santa real?

If there was never a man, who would shower good kids, around the world, with gifts of their preference during the holiday seasons, why then do parents keep making their kids believe in someone, who has never been in existence, for centuries? Why do parents buy the gifts, put them under the mistletoe, and then tell their kids that they are delivered by the bearded man in a red winter coat on the reindeer-drawn sleigh?  One of the life lessons that parents have been teaching their kids from generation to generation is to never lie. What then makes it OK for parents to lie to their kids by inserting the image of a kind gift deliverer in their brains in the month of December? Do customs, traditions, and the holiday spirits conjure up enough power to validate the faux pretense of an invention that is not rooted in reality? Or, is Santa just an animated character, invented by adults, for the protection of children’s innocence in a chaotic world in hopes of amplifying and spotlighting the pure nature of human beings?

As human beings, we contradict ourselves often. We preach one thing, while our action proves to be otherwise. Although it is good to know what ought to be learned and practiced by a relatively decent human being professionally, morally, and spiritually; however, I wonder sometimes how applicable those professional, moral and spiritual guiding principles are in dealing with real life issues, under real life circumstance.

Histories have shown the differences that exist in between a research lab and a natural environment can cause divergence in yielding different outcomes. Maybe some of what we are supposed and expected to do are, in fact, realistically unfeasible in real life. Life is full of unforeseen challenges. Maybe, what we are conventionally discouraged from partaking in, due to a variety of reasons, may not be that harmfully conducive after all. What we are refrained from doing may actually have the power to shield us from hurt or to even add a bit of spice and excitement into our routine-based juggling.

Maybe lying is not that bad after all. Is Santa real? I keep on wondering.


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