Why Am I Into Journalism?

This morning, someone asked me why I was into journalism?

Born and raised in an environment, where most people were brainwashed into upholding wholeheartedly the status quo of conformity, and where I felt constantly restricted from having enough free space to explore and be self-expressive, journalism was the medium, through which I got to learn about the different, the eccentric, the exotic, and the unknown that were visibly absent from my little universe. Having moved to a new country at the beginning of a new millennium, where freedom of expression, in all of its glory, was the norm, not only did journalism, as a field of profession, continue to educate and inform me as a person, a student of life, but it also had helped make clear to me my role in this world by solidifying my identity as a global citizen in this closely-knitted global village.

Traversing in the journalistic landscape, I get to savor the beautiful wonders that our Mother Nature has to offer; traversing in the journalistic landscape, I get to rejoice with victors in the celebration of their successes and to empathize with the unfortunates in the event of tragedies and failures; traversing in the journalistic landscape, not only do I get to be amazed by the impact and value of creative thinking, but I also am made to understand the gray zone in between the worldly dichotomy; traversing in the journalistic landscape, I get to be made aware of the fact that our world is filled with manipulation, bias, hierarchies, love, and hate, yet the journalistic storytelling has the power to influence the masses for either a better tomorrow or an even messed-up world.

My journalistic aspiration is to be a storyteller, whose professionally trained abilities to seek the truth and have it conveyed visually, verbally or, in written words, in an accurate and fact-based manner, that can provoke healthy discourses and generate collective reflection, through which social advancement can be made among human beings.


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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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