Life In Video

Some people videotape their lives as memories, while others do so simply to make a living. Some people videotape their lives out of youthful innocence and curiosity, while others do so without having any piece of premonition of what the future would bring, under the influence of their youthful endeavor.

Looking back on our lives in a video is a bitter and sweet leisure. While feeling grateful for all the scenes that we have amassed, most of us can not help but unleash our human desire of those coulda, woulda, shoulda kinds of wishing thinking.

The sun on the Californian beach brought back our laughter and sense of freedom, and the leafy autumn park, bathed in the golden sun in the Great White North stirred up deeply our sense of coziness and wonder. Reliving life in videotape is an experience to savor tenderly for moments to come.

Published by Robbie's Blog

I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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