Autumnal Stunners

I stumbled upon a few trees yesterday, bathing in the autumn sun. They were so beautiful. The sparkles of the sun ray intersected with the golden glow of the autumnal essence just filled the atmosphere with a sense of romance and seasonal wonder.

Those trees were not one of those rarities, which could only be found in the well-monitored botanic garden. In fact, they were very commonly ordinary in my city. As common as they were, I found them to be quite stunning. And hence why I labeled them ordinary stunner in my fanciful brain, as I was absorbing in all of their sun-kissed glory.

Many people think that we need to be rare in order to be noticed. True. However, in a complication-obsessed world, ordinariness can contrarily become the “It” factor that galvanizes the public. Many people, who are the beneficiaries of public adoration these days, do not possess the extra uniqueness that the rest of us are made to believe and aspired to obtain. How then could they have managed to be a standout? I have yet to understand the reason.

May be, it is because they flaunt what makes them who they are more unapologetically; in so doing, rendering them appear to be more relatable to the average Joe; or maybe, they have a network of support and resources behind the scene, guiding them carefully to footprint every second of their lives’ journey; maybe or just maybe…

Isn’t trying to understand the invisible and the inexplicable aspects of life a continuous self-torture? I think so. It is more like an exhausting guessing game, which has the potential to drive us insane.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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