Beliefs In Words

Do we have to believe in certain tradition or ideology before we are willing enough to share it publicly with others using our words? Maybe not one hundred percent, that being said, I do think that we do have to find personal resonance in our thoughts, at various degrees, before allowing ourselves to convey them to others with our own words. Due to this stand of mine, I find a statement made by Australian comedian, Grey Fleet, contradicting.

In his recent ABC radio interview with Richard Fidler, Grey Fleet said that in his comedian close friend circle, they routinely spewed out homophobic, sexist and racist remarks for fun. But, they did not mean any of them. I could not help but think to myself in my head upon hearing these words on the radio waves, ” Where does someone find the guts to make some horrendous remarks without having some personal conviction in them to begin with?”

Maybe, it is the intimacy of the friend circle that provides people like Grey Fleet with some freedom to verbalize some deep-seeded impressions that they are too afraid to make known in public. In any case, saying something to solicit comical values, while trying to make amends and peace with its hurtful nature by concluding it with ” we don’t mean it” is just not a strong enough excuse to belittle others.

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