Hollywood Aura

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder in the subway station this morning. I did not know him. He was someone with some disabilities in verbal communication and physical mobility. I turned around to look at his face for a second, I promptly said, “Hello!” then quickly wanted to move on. He tapped me on the shoulder again. I, for the second time, turned around to look at him, this time, he raised up his left hand, wanting to fist pump with me. I followed his cue, by tightening one of my hands and molding it into a fist to pump with him. My acknowledgment was received by him. After that, I ran down the stairs and got into to my subway train.

Toronto International Film Festival is currently taking place in the Greater Toronto Area. An annual event, where gods and goddesses of the entertainment world flock to the city to promote their fruit of labor and hopefully to create enough buzz around it so that they would be able to squeeze money out of the moviegoers’ pockets.

These gods and goddesses on the silver screen are usually cold and distant in person. They may also have done some deeds in their times, which have the potential to cause public disdain if they were done by an ordinary person; yet, these men and women adorned by the Hollywood aura, still get the full attention and genuine admiration from an eighteen year old student all the way to a sixty year old middle-aged man, both of whom are willingly to put themselves out there in the burning sun or in the heavy rain so that they could breathe the same air as the stars.

A disabled man with a genuine need for connection and human attention is left abandoned. Not being spotlighted by the Hollywood aura, most eighteen year old students or sixty year old men would never give him the same amount of time and interest that they have generously shown to the Hollywood stars.

This is the reality that we are living in.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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