The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood

We are in the beginning of August; a time, where countless people are still enjoying their summer time off. Having not had a real vacation for a long time, I have almost forgotten what is like to be fully soaked up in the summer vibe, worry free.

I have tried hard to soak up the sun, but life’s twists and turns that all adults have to deal with have really dampened my carefree spirit. Summertime is no longer boring and humid as it once was known to me. Although still sunny and colorful, the summer of 2015 with its unusual cool summer breeze is just not powerful enough to uplift my sunken heart.

I used to not really understand why being happy was such a goal for so many people. I once thought that being happy was simple, because all we needed to do was to FEEL it. Now in my adulthood, I have finally got it. I have got the importance being placed on being happy and the difficult struggles to realize it; as well as why it is considered to be one of the big challenges, if not the biggest, that so many people are facing. When we have layers and layers of pressures, duties, and uncertainties that weigh our hearts down constantly, it is a no-brainer that being able to feel happy is just like climbing out of a suffocating dark hole that we should all rejoice in.

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