A Hacked Site

An adultery website recently got hacked. Instead of condemning the act of hacking as invasive and criminal, many people rush to criticize the business nature of this particular website and the clientele that it caters to.

Adultery is looked down upon throughout human history. As conventionally rebuked as it is, it keeps happening incessantly. One cannot help but wonder the legitimacy of its existence. If it is such a sin, why are many religious, well-informed, and well-educated people still willing to set themselves on the trajectory to hell? Are they all sex addicts, who are in this dangerous game for the thrill of excitement?

Many of them surely are. That being said, not everyone on an adult dating site is a serial cheater. Some of them are in the game for either the reason of basic anatomical necessity or some of them are simply engaged in a different kind of long-term relationship, which gives them the permission to lead a different way of life.

The issue that should be put at the forefront here is not the nature of this website’s business. What we need to collectively focus on, instead, is the issue of the invasion of personal privacy and the criminal gesture of Internet blackmailers.

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