This Is Life

We don’t always get to understand the grand scheme of things in advance. We have all been told that the little nudges that we feel, and all the events that happen to us in life are all in an effort to redirect us to the way, in which we are supposed to go down.


Going through life, we get not only easily dazzled by its beauties, but also frequently frustrated by its windiness. A plan that we make up in our brain always sets out on its own request and adventure that it seems, at times, that it is taking the unnecessary detour before it arrives at its final destination. Maybe, it is supposed to be that way. Maybe, by taking the unnecessary detour, we get taken to witness and experience the unpredictable aspects of life, the happy and the sad, the bright and the dark. In traveling along the roller coaster ride of life, when we get the opportunity to look back on our journey, from our final destination, we can say then, profoundly, to ourselves, “This is life.”


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