A Bad Manner

When a church bell is ringing loudly, it is a moment to reminisce the past glories. When a person is talking loudly in a public space, it is a sign of bad manner and inconsideration.


Public space is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. That being said, public sharing and enjoyment don’t excuse any of us from upholding the most basic public manners.

I, at times, wish that I could be as carefree as those loud talkers in public. Although I am determined to loosen myself up more; although I am aspired to be a confident individual; however, no amount of free spirit can ever liberate me to a degree, where I won’t mind becoming the subject of public annoyance, all due to my inconsideration in the form of verbal disturbance.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

One thought on “A Bad Manner

  1. ‘verbal disturbance’… people talking loudly and inconsiderately can happen anywhere… including in classrooms where loud people can disrupt others yet often get away with it – which is almost the same as condoning it – whereas quieter people can be criticized.

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