A Closed Portion Of The Yonge Street

Living in the big city has tamed my excitement for celebrity sighting. At times , I feel like celebrities of all types are everywhere in the big city streets. In a metropolis like Toronto, where Hollywood films are routinely being shot, running into a Hollywood production in a public area is no longer something out of the ordinary to brag about. Yesterday, shortly after I exited the gym in the Yonge and College neighborhood, I stumbled upon a movie production.

A portion of the Yonge street was closed with police cars guarding the fences on each end. A few humongous props were positioned in the centre of the street. Carrying a backpack of groceries, all I wanted was to go home. Though not knowing what was happening at the location; however, I got a sense that something major was about to go down. Late last night, while browsing on Instagram, I learned that the closed area was set up to be a plane crash scene for the Hollywood production, Suicide squad, featuring Jared Leto.


The spring colors are becoming more and more vibrant in the city. Citydwellers are using every chance they can squeeze out of their schedules to be fully immersed in this sun-lit season.


Enjoying the moment, while it is here. Soon, another day will be gone.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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