A Pair Of New Shoes

I am not an over spender. This is one of the personal traits that I like about myself. I am not subscribed to the thinking of Robert Kiyosaki, who crusades the ideology of spending more to attract richness. I believe in spending within my means. As good as it is to appreciate the value of money, I think it is also important to loosen up my tight grip on my wallet at times in order to take better care of myself.

I purchased a new pair of shoes for the gym on this past Saturday.


Unlike shopping for clothes, I have a dislike when it comes to shopping for shoes. I usually retire my hole-covered casual shoes for the gym, hoping that the durability and the usage could be prolonged as long as possible in an indoor environment.

I have gotten to a point, where I am no longer embarrassed by the holes on my gym shoes, though I once was. My reason being that I am indoor, for only twenty or thirty minutes, in a confined space, where everyone is into their own business, who is going to care about my toe-exposed footwear? As much as I am for the idea of recycling, my last gym shoes just became so toe-exposed and fabric-dangling that I had to get myself a brand new replacement.

I went to a Winners store location in Yorkville and got myself a brand new pair of trainers. Putting them on for the first time, the comfort that the mattress like foamy shoe soles offered felt so pleasantly foreign to me. I felt like walking on a cloud.

As I continued to carry that walking on a cloud feeling from the cardio machine to the weight area, I was made to realize the importance of extreme self-care. Spending within my own means is indicative of a good self-care. That being said, spending money on necessities for the purpose of improving the quality of life is a sign of extreme self-care.

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