Money Can’t Buy Everything

Each setback in life is supposed to teach us a lesson. What I have learned from my current situation is that though money can buy many things; however, it can’t always buy genuine and real happiness.

Genuine and real happiness resides in the heart, a priceless commodity that can only be produced by the deep gratification that we feel at the depth of our existence.

Money is certainly a wonderful thing to possess. Not only has it given us the personal freedom to do what we want and the foreseeable basic securities to live how we want, but it also has endowed us with a certain amount of public affluence. As powerful as money is perceived to be, it has its own limits.

Although having money can provide us with the access and the  necessities to realize our dreams; however, the fruition of our dreams, in some cases, are way beyond the influence of dollars. It depends also on strangers’ action and free will. Yes we can use money to buy help. But if we entrust our money and personal confidence in the wrong person, what we see, instead, is our dreams and ambitions get dashed over and over again by some incompetent smart mouth.

Many of us are taught to be ambitious. I, sometimes, wonder if it is a better idea to lead a simpler and more practical way of life. Having ambition is admirable. Having ambition also implies the inevitable personal effort that one must give to face up to the seemingly insurmountable challenges that many people won’t have to deal with, on an epic scale, in their lifetimes.

Behind a glorious facade, there are countless heart wrenching stories waiting to be told.


Money can buy a number of securities in our world. What it can’t buy is our immunity to heartbreak, our fountain of youth, and our profound contentment.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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