Not Willing To Let Go Yet

Applying for Canadian permanent residency has been the most tumultuous journey that I have ever been on. A process, which is, in comparison, a lot less demanding than the one in the U. S, that being said, more than seven years later, I am still nowhere near the final stage, where a period can be employed to signify the end of this long journey.

Once again this morning, I went to FedEx to photocopy documents required for my application. They were not for the application of permanent residency, but for the one of temporary work permit. More than seven years later, while many other people, who were once in my shoes, have gone on to either get married, climb up the career ladders or travel around the world, I am still stuck in the same misery, looking up at the moody sky, hoping to receive some pieces of good news. More than seven years later, I can’t believe that I still need to fuss over a temporary work permit.

I have been taught over and over again the importance of teamwork. The competency and quality of the teammate are quintessential to the timely achievement of a goal. When we work with someone, who’s incompetent and inefficient, the whole task can be dragged down the drain. Unfortunately, this is the sad situation that I am in, working with someone, who’s an incompetent communicator and an exaggerating negotiator, whose empty promises have significantly delayed the progress of my personal and professional developments. It is heart-wrenching to see my aspirations dashed over and over again by the action of others.

I am so sick of complaining and wishing my life could have turned out differently. One way to put all this to an end is pack my belongings up and go back home. But I am not yet willing to give up my childhood dream, the one that I have been holding onto the longest, so firmly, in my heart.


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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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