How Are You? Fine…Really???

“How are you?”

“Good! And you?”

“Do you really want to know?”

I haven’t been honest in telling people; in particular with my family, how I truly feel for a while. This is neither due to the reason that I don’t have the desire to share with them my feelings nor due to my impression that I don’t think they are incapable of relating to my experiences. The reason why I have been hesitating, for so long, to let my feelings be known is because I don’t want them to get hurt and saddened by the revelation of my sentimental reality.

It is difficult to be strong and tough when your fate is in the palms of others. A precarious position, which comes with unforeseeable consequences and insurmountable sacrifices that only those, who have been in the similar position can understand profoundly.

I’m sick of hearing sayings, such as “You are the one, who is in charge of your own destiny,” or “You can create your own life.”

This is bullsh**!

No, we are NOT the only one, who is responsible for creating the life we want, because other people, known or unbeknownst to us, also have a role to play in steering the direction of our personal journey.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

2 thoughts on “How Are You? Fine…Really???

  1. Hi, I am not aware of what scenario you are facing today in life that makes you so depressed and upset about life and which is not letting you share your feelings with others. Not sharing your feelings would make you sad more, and the more you feel depressed you more get things which would depress you. Listen to your heart and intuition, you will possibly make your life better. Sometimes, we get solutions by sharing the stuff and we are able to improve our life. Do not take my words other wise, but for your good, I would suggest you that you should share your feelings with your family.

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