One Of The Life’s Conundrums

Many people look to street corner, in the open air, for intriguing discoveries. There are also many people, who look to street corner, on the inside of a public space, for shelter and protection.

Lately, I have noticed more and more socially and financially disadvantaged people, who have sought out a warm corner in the food court area on the inside of a public building for a temporary stay. They are usually ordered to leave by either maintenance staffs or the security, shortly after their stay. In case of their demonstration of a level of unwillingness or aggression, they will be forcefully dragged and led out.

On one hand, I do understand the reality that having homeless people gather in front of a shop window or of a store entrance does pose threat to tarnish a business’ reputation and image: on the other hand, these are humans just like the rest of us. The way, in which they are being treated by other humans only perpetuates their publicly perceived and self-internalized inferiority.

I don’t always give out monetary donation. But I always garner a level of compassion and sympathy for these people, hoping and praying that they could have been treated differently and that they could have been in a better social and financial position soon.

This is one of the life’s conundrums that I deal with frequently.


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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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