2015 New York Fashion Week Latest “It” Girl

New York Fashion Week found its newest “It” girl. She wasn’t Naomi or Giselle. She wasn’t the popular fashion blogger or the young designer, whose debut collection galvanized the entire industry. The latest “It” girl of the fashion week extravaganza was Harper Beckham.

Who? For those of you, who are unfamiliar with this girl, she is the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham. How? For those of you, who don’t know how a little baby like her could, all of a sudden, be the centre of the discussion, well, sitting on her famous father’s laps, while picking her nose next to the most powerful woman in the fashion universe, the Editor in Chief of American Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour, was certainly a good start.

To me, her rise to fame is the perfect example of someone, who’s benefited a great deal from two mythical elements in life, luck and destiny.

For years, many people have been trying to debunk the myths of luck and destiny in relation to fame and success. In the opinion of debunkers, if we work hard, any goal that we are committed to can be achieved. Luck and destiny are simply excuses used by daydreamers, whose laziness prevents them from giving any kind of physical labor and hard work to make their dreams a reality.

Although as much as I admire the tremendous amount of self-belief that those luck and destiny debunkers have in themselves; however, I do also believe in the unquestionable role that luck and destiny play in our lives. Many aspirational fashion people, who spend their entire lifetime, working hard, persevering, and believing in themselves, will never be able to have the opportunity, having a seat at the front row of a coveted fashion show, next to the most powerful individual in the industry, which is given so easily to a little baby Harper Beckham, who has done nothing significant so far in her life but been born into a famous family.

Luck and destiny are undeniably circumstantial factors that determine our degree of success and positioning in the world. To refuse their existence is imaginatively unrealistic.

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