Waiting Patiently


A friend is someone, who not only knows how to receive, but also remembers how to give. A good friend is someone, who not only respects the reciprocal nature of a relationship, but also understands the impact of the expression of gratitude, such as thank you. I have had so many, so called “friends”, who were shameless receivers but never generous givers. Their one-sided philosophy on friendship was the root cause of the end of our amicable histories.

I saw this black dog, waiting in the cold, while its owner shoveled the fresh snow in front of his store. The black dog was attentive to the owner, watching out for him patiently in a busy street. No wonder dog is considered human’s best friend, because it knows how to give and to receive.

Cold Day Q&A

Today is another freezing day in the beautiful city of Toronto. Although the sun is shining and the air is crisp; however, it is still hard not to be bogged down by the minus double digit temperature.

When the day is cold, we long for a warm paradise. When the day is warm, we long for a cold escape. Is grass always greener on the other side? Is our lack of appreciation for what we have in our own lives the root cause of all misery and suffering that we have to endure?

L’amour Est Aveugle


Après avoir passé plus d’une décennie à Toronto, Canada, mon amour pour cette ville et pour ce pays reste fort. Je me demande souvent pourquoi je les aime si fortement, en considérant les nombreux défis, qui m’ont déjà lancé. J’arrive à me procurer une raison, qui se résume toutes mes envies, Le Toronto et Le Canada m’ont donné l’opportunité et la liberté de me connaître et de m’explorer.

Je ne suis pas idiot; cela dit, j’ai l’impression que je le suis, en m’étant en amoureux de ce pays.

L’amour est aveugle. En l’ayant vécu personnellement, je l’ai compris finalement, ce cliché là.

Silent Communication


The way we walk, the way we sit, the way we carry ourselves are all indicative of the amount of confidence that we have on the inside.

First impression is the first communication that we have with each other. Although it is non-verbal in most cases; however, we can learn a lot about each other just by silently observing the small details in how straight our back is, how high our head is held, and how self-assuring our overall presence is.

Sight Under An Arched Tower Entrance


We all want to get to our destination as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the unforeseeable circumstances force us into taking a detour, which can make some of us groan and complain. We may resent the sudden change of plan at first but only to be delighted by the unexpected discovery that we make along the new way.

Having been forced into taking a detour earlier this evening, I came across this beautiful sight under an arched tower entrance. What a moment to just take in all the beauty that met the eyes.