Growing Out Of It

I watch youtube videos. I, in particular, enjoy watching vlog, which is a type of homemade video that compiles bits and pieces of life that belongs to the videographer.

The reason why I watch vlogs not only is because of my curiosity in the unknown, but I also am interested in a level of realness and authenticity that costly produced shows just seem to be lacking. As someone, who is living in a city that is far from all of my loved ones, at times, I get the false impression that the youtubers, whose videos that I enjoy, can appear to be more like online friends, who speak the same language, think the same things, and encounter the same obstacles in life as I do. This is a strange kind of virtual connection, relatability, and association that I appreciate.

Everything is in a constant change. This is an undeniable reality that none of us can escape. Due to this fundamental truth, inevitably, we will lose interest in certain things that we used to embrace so wholeheartedly.

As I watch the growth of some youtubers and their channels, I find them all talk alike and lose a significant amount of their personal authenticity, once they have reached a level of massive success. Significantly reduced interesting compilation of life adventures and no more subtle self-serving promotion, vlogging has now become a lengthy ad, in which vlog audience is either being told to visit their latest main channel videos, to try out the products, manufactured by their business partners with coupon code provided, or to meet them in person at a business event nearby. These are the changes that may prove to be profitable in the eyes of these youtubers. But, in the opinion of some of their viewers, it is an unwelcome change of tactic that may cause the loss of viewership.

I am slowly losing connection to certain favorite youtubers and the miscellaneous things that they do, because they have changed.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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