See Through The Veneer

What is lacking in our world today? Some may say water. You may say good manners. He may say opportunities. She may say empathy. And I may say fairness. In our ordinary, nine to five type of world, it seems that a huge number of things that we consider to be scarce tend to be direct or indirect results of the lack of financial securities and stability. Imagine in a different world, where financial securities and stability are mostly guaranteed, what do people reside in it consider to be lacking in their own lives?

My answer is fame.

Although money remains a measurement of success in today’s overly-exposed world; however, in many cases, it is the fame that makes the wealthy feel successful. At a time, when celebrity or notoriety status is more and more synonymous with success, many famed personalities or aspiring ones are seizing all types of commercial opportunities to not only put their faces out there, but also to make some more bucks along the way. A win-win situation in their eyes. But in the eyes of the public, many of these fame and money-seekers can come across as bluntly funny, whose commercially driven and motivated honesty is there for the public to see.

Many of these famed personalities and money-seekers tend to sell us, the audience, short often. They think that we are innocent enough to believe when they declare that a moisturizer is sufficient to erase all the fine lines on one’s aged face; they think we are foolish enough to believe that by wearing a specially-engineered belt around a waist, six-pack abs can magically appear and be maintained in the long run without the requirement of any physical exercises; and they think we are stupid enough to believe that by purchasing and sleeping on a mattress that bears their names, we can have a taste of the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Please! Give me a break!

Having watched so many ads, in which famed personalities star, I am made to realize the necessity of having a broad range of education. This is my takeaway lesson. Arming ourselves with education and analytical abilities truly can help everyone of us see through the veneer and detect the motive behind a glossy commercial presentation.


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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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