You Know…Uh…

Communication is important. It is particularly so when we have something to sell or promote. Knowledge and communication are like a pair of inseparable couple, one can’t succeed without depending on the other. Often time, what causes friction between them isn’t anything else but the avoidable verbal pause fillers.

While listening to a radio interview last night on one of my favorite subjects, half way through the show, I got so annoyed by the amount of filler words used that I couldn’t bear to enjoy the rest of show.

The interviewer was good. The content of the show was good. What was so not good was the repetitive use of “You know”, in every five seconds, by the interviewee. His repetitive use of “You know” really became such a hindrance to his delivery and was such a distraction to the listeners; so much so that, as a listener, I thought his well-researched work had significantly lost its intended impact, because of it.

We should be mindful not to use pause fillers, such as ah,um, like, and you know, in our sentences while presenting ourselves verbally. The employment of all these pause fillers is the quickest way to revel either our cluelessness or our lack of preparation. In the case of this interviewee, the repetitive use of “You know” caused the listeners not only to lose focus and interest, but it also confused them, “You keep saying I know what you are talking about, but I really don’t.”

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