Rushing Isn’t The Best Time-saving Tactic

I was in my gym at about lunch hour this afternoon. This is usually one of the busiest periods of the day. Many people, who work in nearby buildings would come and try to squeeze half an hour of workout time into their schedules.

Next to my own locker, I noticed a man, who was clearly in a rush, walk towards to an unoccupied locker, throw down his backpack and start putting on, frantically, all of his gym gears. In less than five minutes, his belongings were all locked up and he was ready to go.

I bent down to tie my shoe laces. The moment I stood back up, there he was again, the man, who was in such a rush minutes ago, was back, unlocking his locker. He obviously had forgotten something that he needed. Had he slowed down his pace a bit earlier, would he still have been back here now? I wonder.

Nowadays, it seems to me that most people are in a rush. The reason why they are in a rush is because they want to save time. Having observed so many people’s unsuccessful attempt in rushing to save time, I am made to question the efficiency of this approach. Maybe, in slowing down our pace and being more detail-oriented towards every task that we have in hands, we can reduce the possibility of making avoidable mistakes, which, in the long run, will be proven to be a much more efficient time-saving tactic.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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