Starbucks Or Instant Coffee

These are “difficult” choices that coffee drinkers sometimes struggle with. As a former coffee drinker, I certainly did have the same conundrum back in the days.

Consuming coffee is like wearing clothes. It is no longer just for self-satisfaction and self-protection. Rather, it has become a way, in which personal statements can be made. Since Starbucks brand is so integrated into the popular culture, holding the cup with an image of a green mermaid with her hands held up high in a cheerful manner has become, symbolically, a must-have accessory for any caffeine-addictive trendsetter. In addition, with the availability of all the fancy terms that are used to mix different types of elements and ingredients into creating one harmonized and custom-made liquid concoction definitely feeds into the vigorous pursuit of self-specialness of the I-generation coffee drinkers of today.

To certain extent, drinking Starbucks coffee is not only about quenching one’s thirst, but it’s also about fulfilling one’s egotistic needs. Although the desire to be energized and awakened by the caffeine property in a cup of coffee remains intact; however, holding a Starbucks coffee cup in public is more and more indicative of one’s search for vanity.

Some may argue that Starbucks brews the freshest coffee with a guarantee of high quality, that’s the reason why consumers flock to its stores. As a former coffee drinker, I would argue otherwise. I would argue that instant coffees, which come in an average package, are just as fresh and good tasting as the Starbucks brewed concoction. At times, instant coffees, such as Old Town White Coffee, are perhaps a better option.


Instant coffees provide coffee drinkers with a promise of consistency that store brewed coffees simply can’t always guarantee. In addition to the taste, instant coffees cost way less. In comparison, the amount spent on a cup of Starbucks coffee is twice as much. In time, all Starbucks coffee goers will be shocked by the humongous total expenditures spent daily on their Starbucks liquid concoction.

Consistency aside, what instant coffees are lacking of is the pop culture factor that Starbucks coffee is obviously endowed with. That being said, if you simply want to have an energetic lift, a cheap sachet of instant coffee powder is more of an economical way to go.

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