Too Many Icons And Heroes

There are way too many icons and heroes in today’s world. Why? Because people throw around these esteemed titles so easily these days that any one, who’s got the financial backing to hire a stylist can be labeled as a fashion icon, and any parent, who’s got three kids to take care of while juggling with a full-time job can be a hero.

I am not saying that people in those positions aren’t deserved praise and respect. They surely are. Are they icons or heroes though? I think not. Icons, heroes, and other similar words alike are traditionally used to complement people, whose personal sacrifices and accomplishments have influenced and contributed to the greater good of the humanity. The trials and tribulations that people, who fall under the icon and hero category, have to go through are theirs to endure and overcome personally; but the impact of which has encouraged and motivated, worldly, a greater number of people, who may never have to be in the shoes of the icons and the heroes, to feel the urge to carry the torch forward so that the efforts that have already been made would not go to waste.

Icons and heroes are rare to come by. Not every single person can be given esteemed titles as such. Icons and heroes are like the shooting stars. When they fall gracefully across the sky, every person, who witnesses them, will be blown away by their spectacular grandeur and be brightened up, on the inside, by their aspiring light.

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