Narrow Representation Of Racial Diversity

Quite often, implication of the term, racial diversity, in the mainstream media landscape is extremely narrow. For the most part, racial diversity on mainstream TV channels, in North American context, mostly refers to two racial groups, the black and white. For TV watchers, who are members of neither of these two groups, a feeling of being invisible and silent is hard to ignore and endure.

With the rise of various media sharing platforms, faces with different features and complexions have been able to enjoy a grander scale of exposure and visibility than they ever have before. That being said, on the most watched TV channels, what is noticed quite often still, in terms of diversity, is narrowly represented by white and black personalities, with the occasional appearance of an Asian woman, paired with a Caucasian man.

How is this fair representation of diversity?

The mainstream media landscape is vast. Not having enough space to accommodate every racial group is no longer an acceptable excuse to justify a predominantly whitewashed mainstream media landscape.

Where are the Asian men and women? Where are the Middle-Eastern Men and women?  Why do white man and woman always have access to all types of shows and opportunities, while men and women of colors don’t even, at times, have the chance to be featured in a mainstream media show, which is supposedly to promote their own cultures?


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