Many people love using “Old-timey” to describe things that they consider to be uninteresting and out of date. Admittedly, I am one of those people, who does that. That being said, nowadays, I am not so inclined to get involved in any kind of old-shaming, because of the fact that I have realized that many of the things that we consider to be modern and in trend at the moment are, as a matter of fact, the improved or exact replicas of the “Old-timey” things that other people, who came before us, had invented. In a way, we, who judge others for being out of the date, are in fact the old-timey ones that pick up others’ slack and think to ourselves that we are the trend-innovators and trend-setters.

As I learn to appreciate the “Old-timey” things from the past, whether it’s worldly knowledge, entertainment, or just simply a way of being, I truly start to appreciate their originality. Originality that many of the “Old-timey” things carry is the one element that many of the trendy inventions of our modern era lacks.

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