Manspreading, a public demeanor that some Torontonians are urging Toronto Transit Commission to ban in its subway trains and buses. For those of you, who don’t know what manspreading is, please allow me to keep you up-to-date with the latest letter coupling.

Manspreading is meant to describe a male transit rider that spreads both of his legs wide apart, whose gesture not only takes up more space than it’s needed, but it also exposes the crotch area of the male rider entirely to others.

As a public transit rider, I am not at all surprised by the discomfort felt by some transit riders towards manspreading. As a matter of fact, I, myself, am appalled frequently by certain public behaviors exhibited so shamelessly by some while riding the TTC.

I’m not a perfect rider myself. I have had my own share of misbehaviors in public. But I pride myself on my willingness to learn from my past and on having the desire to change for the better. I am aware of the common courtesies that I need to have while being out and about.

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Resting dirty shoes on an empty seat; talking aloud in a quiet train; blocking the vehicle doors, not willing to move a bit so that other rush hour riders can squeeze into the sardine-packed trains or buses; occupying an empty seat with a knapsack on a crowded train; leaving the elderly holding on to door bars while the youths crossing legs in a seat and playing games on smart phones are just some of my observations as a public transit rider.

A civil society is not immune to inconsiderate public behaviors. Although we all have our moments of acting rudely; however, may we all be capable of learning the needed lessons so that we can show a bit more of civility in public the next time around.

A Question


All the beauties around me oftentimes amaze me. It is unfortunate that I rarely slow down my steps to appreciate their presence. I’m like many others in this metropolis, who reluctantly cover up their authentic desires just to avoid some weird gazes in the streets. Do we live for ourselves or for those that we may not know their names in our lifetime? Next time when you want to take a picture with your camera but feel embarrassed to do so, you will know your own answer to this question.

Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time

The most priceless commodity in the universe is time. No amount of money and plastic surgery can permanently turn back the hands of time.

In the opinion of many, the way to truly appreciate this priceless commodity is to live it to the fullest by filling every of its second with only the happy and cheerful memories. Although I am in accordance with the belief in embracing as much happiness as possible in our lives; however, I can’t help but notice the widespread, unrealistic impression of what constitutes a well-lived life, of which is achieved solely based on one’s accumulation of happiness.

Life is not only consisted of happiness, but it is also made up of sorrow. Those, who crusade for amplification of happiness, oftentimes, tend to believe in the fact that dwelling in sorrow is a waste of our precious time. I beg to differ. In fact, in my opinion, knowingly neglecting or denying an innate ability of ours to be in touch with a specific type of emotion, which may not be celebrated by some on Earth is what constitutes a waste of opportunity, of human experience and of time.

Time is a priceless commodity, which exemplifies the paradoxical existence of human experience that is imperfect in nature.