Youth Isn’t The Diamond In The Sun

My mom loves beauty and fashion. Knowing what her interests are, I purposely sent her the video recording of latest Chanel fashion show to her social media account yesterday. After watching the entire show, she commented, ” Look at all these beautiful models. They are like the cream of the crop. Their youth is like the diamond in the sun.”

Is youth truly like the diamond in the sun? I doubt it. As a matter of fact, no, I don’t think so.

Diamond doesn’t have an expiry date. But the youth does. Although youth may be considered to be the diamond in the sun for some period of our lives; however, the lacking in longevity disqualifies it to be like a diamond.

In my response to my mom’s comment, I wrote, ” Contrary to the popular belief, youth, in my opinion, isn’t the diamond in the sun. Our brainpower and creativity are. Youth can’t stand the test of time. But our brainpower and creativity can. After all, there are countless Chanel models to choose from. There is only one Karl Lagerfeld.”

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