“I No Longer Judged Anyone”

I read a blog post, written by a well-known spiritual teacher earlier this morning. She drew inspiration for this post from her recent trip to Spain, where she was guided to spend thirty-five days, walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route, after having lived through some tough time in her personal life.

In the blog post, she wrote, “By the time I completed my journey I was no longer in pain. Moreover, I no longer judged anyone. I found acceptance for our human shortcomings and my heart filled with love.” Her candor was beautifully expressed in these words. That being said, I find it difficult to believe that she would no longer judge anyone.

Although I do appreciate her teaching of striving to be non-judgmental; however, her employment of “no longer”, which implies a complete end to the use of faculty of judgment just isn’t realistic.

The act of judging is an integral part of our human experience. Parents teach their kids, all the time, to exercise their good judgment to distinguish the good from the bad. If we no longer judge, how can we recognize so as to refrain ourselves from hanging out with the crowd that might have a negative influence on us? If we no longer judge, how can we democratically elect a leader, who holds our best interests in heart?

A blanketed statement, such as ” I no longer judged anyone,” leaves a lot of space for different interpretations.

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