We Only Value The Things That We Have To Work For

The other day, while watching a favorite daytime talk show of mine, I came across a quote, which resonated me profoundly.

“You only value the things that you have to work for.”

This quote brought me back to a specific period in my childhood, where I remember just how poorly kept the hygiene of my personal belongings was. Seeing layers of dust on my computer keyboard and the greasy fingerprints on my CD player didn’t even give me the urge to clean them. I would often justify my then lack of motivation and laziness as symptoms of immaturity.

Years later, it came a time, where I had to purchase the necessities in life on my own. Looking at the cost price of each item made me understand their values. In addition to that, having had acquired some work experiences also made me develop a newly found appreciation for the values of money and realize how hard it is to earn it.

In retrospect, I have now understood the reason why I was being so careless about the maintenance of my personal belongings. It all has to do with the fact that I didn’t purchase them. In other words, I didn’t work for them. They were given to me as gifts. Plus, the lack of my experience in reality and of my understanding of the moneymaking world, somehow, normalized my then behaviors.

Why do we only value things that we have to work for? Because we value the journey, during which the ups and the downs, roller-coaster ride of our life’s path makes us see and grasp the meaning of living. We value our hard work and personal sacrifices that we have to make along the way. That is what makes the things that we work for, with our effort, valuable. Destination, though it is breath-taking; at the end of the day, it is the process that matters the most.

New Image Of Being Cool

What is being cool all about?  If I am not mistaken, being cool is about thinking and acting outside of the box so that whoever looks at the subject of the coolness can feel a sense of aspiration. Is flipping the middle finger or sticking the tongue out of one’s mouth the new image of coolness? I certainly hope not, but, that’s what I’ve been seeing on social medias.

It almost seems like, in this day and age, what is considered to be cool and hip has deviated so far from its original standard, and has downgraded majorly from being aspirational to being purely vulgar.

Is this downgrade an indication of the lack of creativity in our world today? I don’t think so. What is it, then, that many among us have come to a point, where we like the pictures on social medias, which feature smiling faces with a flipped up middle finger?

Without having refinement, aspiration and sophistication, what is considered to be cool, in the case of a flipped middle finger, a stuck out tongue or other sexually suggestive manners, is purely vulgar.

We Got It Going On, Too

It takes self-discipline to focus on our goals.

In a metropolis, where everyone else seems to have a place to rush to, a task to execute, a person to meet and a long-term goal to accomplish, we can feel, at times, that things that we are preoccupied with in our own lives are insignificant. The truth of the matter is that it is not true.

Whatever we are doing is important. Although it may appear to be small; however, it is the first of many small steps that lead us to our destination. Many of us judge a book by its cover. In judging the appearance of others, our judgment creates assumption, which is not entirely based in reality.

Thoughts, such as the grass looks greener on the other side and the moon looks rounder in a different part of the world, ingrain in us the superiority of things that are new and unattainable. We have to stop, take a look around, and say to ourselves “What I got going on in my life and in my proximity is really good, too.”

Garder Une Certaine Distance De La Beauté

Il y une fameuse citation chinoise “Parfois, il n’est meilleur de garder qu’une certaine distance entre la beauté que nous désirons, et nous pour que nous en amusions.”

C’est vrai. En ce moment précis, je suis d’accord avec cette citation. La réalité m’a fait comprendre que la beauté de toute sorte s’accompagne sûrement d’un côté ombreux. Bien qu’elle nous apparaisse irrésistiblement tentante en surface, il faut que nous ne oublions pas de son ombre inaperçue de nos yeux.

Il n’y avais un scandal majeur qui s’est révélé qu’il y a trois jours à Toronto. L’une des célébrités masculines canadiennes s’est impliquée dans une débâcle professionnelle, à cause de ses pratiques sexuelles d’aventurier dans sa vie privée. En conséquence, il a été mis à la porte par ses employeurs.

Nous avons toujours été sous l’impression de ce que nous faisons dans notre vie privée est l’affaire de notre. Normalement, il n’a rien à voir avec ce que nous nous comportons aux lieux professionnels. Évidemment, cette impression là est incorrecte. Car ce scandal majeur nous a prouvé que les activités dans lesquelles nous nous engageons, d’hors du travail, pourraient avoir les répercussions inimaginables dont les effets pourraient détruire nos réputation et image professionnelles. Conséquemment, nous aurions une grosse possibilité de perdre le travail.

Beaucoup de gens s’aspirent à devenir riches et fameux. Leur désire de posséder la satisfaction monétaire est si fort qu’ils feront n’importe quoi, volontairement, pour atteindre leur but. Quand ils s’y arrivent, bien qu’ils n’aient plus besoin de se soucier la liberté financière, ils se réalisent, tout de suite, de perte de sa liberté personnelle comme individu ordinaire.

Il y a toujours un prix à régler dans n’importe expérience que nous avons décider à vivre. Parfois, il n’est meilleur de garder qu’une distance entre la beauté que nous désirons et nous pour que nous en amusions.