Daily Repetitiveness

We hear often, “Everyday is a new day. We have to make the best of it.” Is everyday truly a brand new one? Or, is it just a repetition of a whole list of events and activities of yesterday, but with a fresher twist?

We get up, wash up and head out to do whatever things that we are supposed to do. Although we come across different people in the streets; however, the short-lived excitement of the newness is largely engulfed by the long-lived ordinariness of the daily routines that we are familiar with.

We turn on the news to be self-informed. We can’t help but feel like watching the same old events to be reported over and over again. “A fire broke out in the West end of the city.” “A man fatally shot in his neighborhood.” “The weather is looking great for the weekend, but we might see some light shower this evening.” What else is new?

For majority of us, who don’t have the luxuries like those rich and famous do to go to bed in London and wake up in Tokyo and to lead a life of adventures, how can we prevent ourselves from feeling numb by the sameness of everyday life? Is taking a small step to try out something new everyday a good start to lessen the numbness that we are made to feel by our daily routines?

Conditioned Fears

Growing up, we have all been conditioned to fear certain things. Although some fears are shared by all cultures; however, there are also some that are products of a country’s particular sociopolitical environment.

I have always had admiration for people, who are brave enough to stand up for the collective good. Those, who put their own personal safety and security on the line for the future of their brothers, sisters and country, are applaudable.

In my case, having been born in a country, where freedom of expression was never a luxury to the average citizens, during my informative years, I was made to be well aware of the detrimental consequences that one faces should he or she decide to partake in a public demonstration of any kind.

Various conditioned fears, caused by the past sociopolitical events in my birth country, deprive me the psychological liberty and courage to ever express myself publicly without any restraint.

We all have different ways to contribute to the collective good. Regardless of what our way is, as long as we do our part, that should be what matters.

Personal Vibe

There are billions of people on this planet Earth. Why is it that we wish that we could be friends with certain individuals, even when we don’t know them in real life, and can’t wait to get away from others, with whom we are already acquainted?

We all give out a personal vibe, which comes from the inside; whether or not we are aware of it.  When we are truly happy and genuine, the realness of the pure elation shows and is contagious. By the same token, when are being fake and ingenuous, the people, with whom we interact, will feel our pretentiousness. We are either attracted to or repelled by others’ personal energies.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, because what’s coming from the inside, at times, is more true-telling and noticeably visible than what’s always been there, in front of the naked eyes.