Real-life Examples

Finding motivation to help us stay committed to a goal isn’t difficult. All we need to do is to be attentive and observant to our surrounding. Statistics and numbers won’t bring us the sense of relatability that we seek in real-life examples, with which we use to encourage ourselves.

In our daily life, there are many experiences and people that we have come across, which can be used as reminders to us of the kind of situation that we don’t want to put us in and of the type of people that we don’t want us to turn into. In wanting to try to steer away from the undesirable experience and image, we have no choice but to be looking motivation within us to keep our momentum going so that we can stay on the right track, doing our best to realize whatever goal that we have set for ourselves.

A beer belly can hinder one’s agility and physical movements. Not wanting to put myself in that kind of discomfort, I encourage myself to hit the gym even when I am exhausted to the core. When I am told that a relative’s professional promotion is unsuccessful, due to his not so friendly relationships with his co-workers, I remind myself of the importance of showing and treating others with basic social courtesy and respect.

Things that happen in our lives are meant to teach us a lesson or two. Pay attention!

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