Figure Skating & Water

I just re-watched Patrick Chan’s spectacular performance at last year’s Figure Skating World Championship in Paris, France. I couldn’t help but be blown way again by the elegance, classiness and strength of this sport.

In North American culture, figure skating is still considered as a feminine sport in the mind of many people. The charming gentleness and deceivingly effortless presentation of figure skating are frequently used as acceptable excuses of mockery by those pro-hockey, macho jocks to make fun of men, who participate in it; a reality, which only shows the ignorance of those, who have chosen to believe in and act on this patriarchal prejudice.

While enjoying the softness and swiftness of Patrick Chan’s skating, I was reminded of the topic of water, of which was explored by Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Qing.

Water is perceived to be gentle and weak. Yet, its power of endurance and sustainability of force can penetrate any rock and uproot any tree. Appearance is misleading. Something elegant on the surface may not be gentle at its core. Something brash on the outside may not be tough on the inside.

Do what you love. Don’t ever hold yourself in hostage just to avoid others’ ridicule and bad mouthing.


Survey is an effective means to determine the pattern and tendency of a particular group of subject. It is also a stereotype and generalization producing tool.

Quite often, the preferences, opinions, and interests of a small number of people can, through survey result, be blown out of proportion and become representative, in mainstream medias, of those of the entire population.

I often wonder why certain surveys were proposed in the first place, because they come across such a silly exercise to begin with. Maybe, they were proposed under the demand of social scientists, who need to collect data to study the social evolution of human race.

Although the result of various surveys does help us understand more of the environment, in which we live; however, survey is not always a fair representation of various opinions of different social actors.