Youthful Haze

When we are young and full of bravado, we tend to believe that everything that we do is cool and hip. Whoever is not into what we are doing is old and lame. Years later, when we obtain a certain amount of maturity, it’s then that we come to the realization that many of our youthful experiments were not as cool and hip as we thought they were. They were, in fact, stupid and idiotic.

Over this past weekend, the arrival of summer season brought along with it plenty of sunlight and an unbearable humidity. At an outdoor music festival, several people, all of whom were under the age of twenty-five, were taken to hospital, due to their excessive consumption of drugs and alcohols under the blazing sun. In the mind of these party goers, wearing skimpy outfits and weird shaped sunglasses, a beer on one hand, and a joint on the other were what summer was all about. Little did they care about the repercussion that their “cool” and “hip” indulgence could bring upon them until it was too late, being trapped in a hazy “paradise”. I am a young person. When I look back on some of my earlier, youthful ignorance, I cringe at my lack of maturity and clarity.

Over the course of our personal journey, do we all have to experience some kind of haze in order to appreciate with profundity the clarity and maturity that we gain later in life? I wonder.

A Poker Face In The Big City

A few days ago, I read an article about a person, who just moved to New York City. She found herself so out of place in this world famous concrete jungle.

Someone told her that for her to fit in with the New York crowd, not only did she need to dress like a New Yorker, she also needed to wear that typically serious New Yorker expression on her face whenever she was out and about.

Is being emotionless the price that she needs to pay in order to not be singled out as an outsider in a metropolitan hub like New York? Quite often, unhappiness is easier to spot than happiness in the big city. In the big city, many people choose to be busy, because they don’t want to deal with the unhappiness that they face in their own lives. Many people opt for a serious facial expression, because they have so much insecurity underneath their skin that only wearing a poker face out in public is the most practical way to protect their vulnerability from being exposed.

Life in a big city is multilayered. The complexity of it all could make us lose our soul if we were willing to give in to any demands that come our way.