Seasonal Outbreak Of Summer Anger

Summer is approaching. The warm weather is here. Often time, people are warned about the deadly consequences of suffering from heat wave. What’s often left unwarned is the repercussion of suffering from seasonal outbreak of the summer anger.

The warm weather day causes extra amount of perspiration. The drenched clothes, the dripping sweat and the shortness of breath, exacerbated by the pollutants in the air particles can easily trigger summer anger. When we suffer from summer anger, we might act out our internal discomfort, irritated by the surge of mercury, by bumping into people in the street without voicing a word of apology. The decrease of tolerance, patience and the deterioration of the overall psychological balance are the symptoms of summer anger that we need to be aware of.

Just like prevention of our suffering from summery heat wave, precautionary measures need to be taken to prevent the outbreak of summer anger. Measures, such as wearing comfortable clothing, having positive self-talk, and consuming vegetable and fruit based diets are all efficient ways to help us keep summer anger under control from the inside out.

photoDistillery District, Toronto

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