Size In The Dog World

Does size matter in the dog world? Do dogs have concern for their physical appearance, as much as their best friends, human beings, often do?

In the human world, we have a constant and tireless fixation on the size of anything physical. We wish that we could be taller, shorter, thinner, thicker, etc. and etc. Is there ever a possible end to our insatiable obsession with the physical measurement? I don’t know. At least, it doesn’t appear to have one at this moment.

Pets and their owners are very much connected. Based on this close connection, I can’t help but wonder if there was ever a likelihood that dogs would become obsessed with their own physical appearance too, under the influence of their owners.

In the dog world, does a Chihuahua ever think to itself while encountering a Greyhound, “Mmm, I wish that I could be that tall and had those legs for days.” ? Would a Great Dane ever think to itself while spotting a teacup Yorkie, “Mmm, I wish that I had her silky golden hair and were that small so that I don’t get the weird look in the street.” ? I wonder.

Or, are dogs just perfectly content, being in their own skins, no matter what their sizes are? Maybe, they have reached a point in their evolution, where they have looked beyond the size of one’s physical appearance; instead, focus solely on the size of one’s kindness and other goodness on the inside of one’s heart, of which are what matters to them the most?

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