Smartphone Users In The Street

Do you walk the public streets with your head held high, or with it down, fixating on your Smartphone screen like you own the streets that whoever happens to be in your proximity should automatically leave you with enough space to continue on with your journey?

Smartphone has become a refuge for many people these days. Business people turn to it for commercial dealings, also for embellishing their professional image. Trendsetters turn to it for making a fashion statement. And, shy people turn to it to avoid making eye contact with others, who might make them feel more timid than they already are.

We all have the right to choose how we put our Smartphone to use; that being said, when we are out and about, there’s certain amount of public courtesy that needs to be shown. The snowy winter has made the streets uneasy to walk in; the reduced walking space caused by the accumulated snow on the street side demands that much more of a need for us to keep our eyes on what’s in front of us, instead of what’s trending on the Smartphone screen.

Let us all be considerate when we are in the street so that we don’t bump into others.

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