What A Bumpy TTC Ride Has Made Me Relearn


Many Torontonians complain about the services provided by Toronto Transit Commissions. For most of the dissatisfied customers, I’m sure that they would like to teach TTC staffs a few lessons. On this past Tuesday evening, I was made to relearn one of life’s valuable lessons while riding the Red Rocket.

It was eleven o’clock in the evening, after finishing my shift, my friend and I headed to the Museum subway station. Feeling weary, I couldn’t wait to get home, and to wash away a whole day of heaviness. As soon as got into the station, I heard a train pulling into the station. Having identified that it was the train, headed to my stop, I quickly said bye to my friend and jumped on it.

Staring at my iPhone screen with my shirt drenched in sweat underneath my goose feather winter coat, I did my best to cool down through taking quiet, deep breath. All of a sudden, speaker on the inside of the train went off “Ladies and gentlemen, due to a fire investigation at Union Station, this train now is being reversed back to St. Andrew Station. Currently, we do not know the length of the investigation. We’ll keep you updated on the latest development once it becomes available.”

11:25PM, the train was now at St. Andrew Subway station. As soon as it stopped, there went the speaker again “This train is now out of service. Everyone please get off the train.” Keep in mind that passengers of this time were mostly exhausted people, who just got off work. As instructed, we all got up and dragged out bodies off the train. Leaning against the wall, waiting for the next train, which unfortunately turned out to be another train that was out of service. Feeling frustrated, most of us turned to the train heading in the opposite direction, taking a detour in order to reach our destination at the expense of a longer travel time. It was now more than thirty minutes after eleven PM.

After two minutes, having passed two stations in the train, going in a different direction, the train speaker went on again, “Ladies and gentlemen, the previously reported fire investigation at Union Station is now clear. Service is now resumed on the Yonge line.” Oh geez… Frustration felt by some customers made them laugh aloud uncontrollably. Others threw their hands up in the air while shaking their heads from left to right. I decided to get out of this train at the next stop so that I could catch the incoming train on the Yonge line, reaching home sooner.

Going go with the flow is the lesson that this experience had drummed into my head. In life, despite our best effort, we are not powerful enough to get everything to happen, based on our wishes. Although our desire is strong; however, we have to learn the skills to tame and manage it, in times of bumpiness. Trying to be a control freak in a situation, where we aren’t capable of controlling can only cause drama and expose our lack of maturity. At times, going with the flow in times of uncertainty is the ultimate way of being in control.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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