How To Appreciate Yourself

When I was a kid, I was teased a lot by friends and by schoolmates for my physical appearance, due to my weight issue. I was called pig and fatty on a daily basis, even by people in my close circle; the verbal bully that I had to face constantly really took a toll in the perception of my own body image. At home, my parents kept reminding me of how good-looking I was. I wanted to, but couldn’t believe what they were telling me, because they were my parents.

Peer pressure can be burdensome and hurtful.

Now as an adult, I have finally come to a point, where I can learn to truly appreciate my physical attributes. This kind of self-appreciation is not the same as being a narcissist. This is all about accepting, embracing and feeling comfortable and confident within our own skin.

Here’s what I have done to reach this point in my life:

1) Exercise. I always feel the most energized and alive after each and every workout. Getting settled into an active lifestyle can be challenging. But like anything in life, without hard work, there won’t be any reward. Every second of your life can be the moment that you decide to lead an active lifestyle. Ask yourself, “if now is not the time, then when? When I have a family? When I have children? When I have big bank accounts? When I’m retired?”

2) Dress well. Although we are taught not to judge a book by its cover; however, the reality is that the habit of judging others is deeply ingrained in us. Therefore, we should learn to handle this human convention straight on with modesty; instead of ignoring it. Exercising gives us the energy and the confidence in our body. Why not give our newly found self-confidence a boost by making ourselves look presentable sartorially?

3) Use the brain. Imagination is a powerful tool. Positive thinking isn’t just some airy-fairy idea. Having a positive opinion of yourself is essential to your well-being. There are many lonely people in our society today, who seek love from the outside. For them to feel loved, they are willing to spend their saving on others in the hope of being shown love. They have forgotten the most profound love that any of us can ever experience in our lifetime is our love for ourselves. Self-love doesn’t come from outside. It arises from within us.

Love yourself, appreciate yourself, and know that you are good enough to be walking in this world. Exercise, take care of yourself physically, sartorially and mentally, in times you will experience the profound love that only you can give yourself.

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