Being Independent Of Others’ Opinions


In one of his recent talks, spiritual teacher and motivational speaker, Wayne Dyer, talked about the importance of being independent of others’ opinions.

In his research, he’d discovered that all the geniuses in our human history, the likes of Einstein, Pascal, Aristotle and Plato, all these great poets and thinkers were considered weird by their peers; most of their ideas were not well received in their time. This is how Dr. Dyer described these geniuses, “They were the trouble makers that we gave a lot of criticisms to when they were alive and we honor them when they are dead.”

All these great figures in our human history were not concerned with fitting in with popular cliques and with what other people thought they should be.

If you are one of those people like me, who would like to learn to be less concerned with others’ opinions from Dr. Dyer, he openly shared his method in a response to his critics. He wrote, “I’m sitting here in the smallest room of my house, aka washroom, with your letter of criticism before me, soon it will be behind me.”

Sometimes we have to squeeze hard to let go of toxins in life that don’t serve us. It’s important that we do so.

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