A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution

Ever wonder why some of your new year’s resolution didn’t work in the past? Here might be the reason.

According to author, Gerry Gavin, our brain, the master computer of our body, works within a different concept of time than our thoughts do. Our thoughts and brain are not the same.

Thoughts are part of our consciousness. Consciousness feeds information to our brain, which then translates into information for our body. Our consciousness is not bound by time and space, because it exists before and will exist after our body.

Our brain, much like a computer, likes to work within a framework of information. It likes to have a place of reference so that it can measure experiences and establish, so called, the good and the bad. It also likes language, because that also gives a clear cut idea as to what the non exact parameters of your thoughts mean. For example, when you are lack of money, you tell your friends that you are broke. Your brain will associate the current lack of money as a form of brokenness. It’ll file that memory as a state of your being, rather than a state of your wallet.

When you say “I have made a resolution, and am going to do something in the new year to lose weight,” your brain assumes this is something that already done. It files it as a past memory. Why? Because you have used this word, resolution, your brain understand the meaning of a word, based on its most common use. The most common use of resolution is To Resolve Something. And, to resolve something means to bring something to a conclusion or to an end.
In the case of setting resolution, you are essentially trying to begin something by sending messages to your brain that it is already over.

You will say your resolution over and over as the new year goes on, but the brain doesn’t do anything to help you as it sees your resolution as something that has been resolved. In your brain’s concept, your resolution is done. Hence why you’ll later beat yourself up for the lack of will power.

In truth, if you would like to move yourself from one form of behavior to another, the first place you need to begin is to love yourself, exactly as you are right now. Because this is the present moment, where your consciousness resides. If you say to yourself ” I will feel so good about myself if I lose 20 pounds,” your brain will translate that message to your lack of self-love. Your lack of self-love slows down the energy of your heart chakra, which is then only elevated by the intake of sugars and comfort foods that will create a reaction, similar to the feeling of being loved.

Gerry Gavin’s statement to affirm for the new year:

Thank you for this wonderful year of 2013 and all the blessings that have bestowed upon me. Thank you for the foods that are nurturing me, the rest that I have afforded, the habits that have relieved my stress, and the people that have brought energy into my life, in order to show me a mirror of energy that I have sent into the world. I go into this new year with a clear mind, a stronger spirit, and growing love for myself that allows me to create waves to make my body, mind and spirit even stronger. Why is it so easy for me to create the life of my dreams.


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