People Pleaser


Are you a people pleaser? I am one. Although it is not something that I am proud of; however, it is something that I am working hard to change.

Being a people pleaser is so exhausting. Have you ever felt like you are at the lowest bottom of the deepest well that it is so deep that you can do nothing to uplift yourself physically, intellectually and spiritually? That’s what it feels like after a day of trying to please others at the detriment of your own health.

 Wanting to feel better about yourself? Stop being a people pleaser.


Learning comes in many ways. Having been a student since the day of my birth, I’ve found that I learn the fastest and remember the longest when I’m having fun.

How can we look for fun in learning? My personal answer is you gotta develop a passion for the subject you are trying to learn. Having a bit of true enjoyment while learning is the motivating force that will push you to achieve the result, expected by you.



Friendship is just like any other types of relationships, which comes with a beginning and an end. Over the past few years, I have gotten rid of, have lost, have become distant from and have made lots of friends. Having so much experiences in the realm of friends-making, it remains uneasy for me to keep a calm and self-assured attitude to deal with the ever-changing chemistry in between those, so called “friends of mind” and I.

The excitement of the beginning of a friendship still allures me. The disappointment of the end of a friendship still saddens me. The reality, in which those friends, from whom I have become distant, still confuses me. Maybe, friendship is not meant to last forever. People come into our lives to serve a purpose. Once the purpose is served, it is just natural for them to move on.

It is extremely windy in the Magnificent city of Toronto. The coolness of wind gradually gives away to the bitterness of winter. Remember the past glory of all friendly encounters and look forward to a future, filled with unforeseeable goodness!

Confucius’ Wisdom


“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”~Confucius

A statement perfectly describes the immigrants’ experience. As immigrants, once we have made the decision to move to a new country, what’s inevitable is the realization of our dreams, which will get achieved at a slower pace than the native born citizens of that new country, who are equipped with the same competency as we are.

Whether you are a immigrant or just someone ambitious, as long as we do not stop, we will reach our desired destination eventually. Although a later start might present itself as a hindrance at the first glance; however, we will realize, sooner or later, that what was once perceived as hindrance is actually a blessing in disguise. Over the course of rebuilding our lives and striving twice as hard to go for our dreams, along the way, we have experienced all facets of life that a great number of citizens of the Earth would not have been able to live through in their lifetime.

What we need to remember, in times of discouragement, is that it is OK to take a rest to rejuvenate. If we are feeling low, slow down and move gently on our journey. Every single movement helps and does contribute to the realization of the ultimate dream.

Just Be Yourself


Just Be Yourself!!!

Can you do it? Is it as easy as it seems to Just Be Yourself? How many of you have succeeded in doing it so far in your life to Just Be Yourself? I have not yet been able to Just Be Myself.

Like being a parent, Just Be Yourself is a life long task. Although not every one of us can be a parent to another being; however, we all can be a parent to ourselves. Just Be Yourself is the most profound and effective piece of parental guidance that ONLY we can truly and permanently instill in our soul.

Others may dislike you, you Can Not dislike you. You have to embrace yourself in every situation. Self-blame may hit like a rainstorm, self-hate may tick you off your balance, and self-doubt may strangle you in a limbo, you should still love yourself, respect yourself, and Just Be Yourself.

Only when you are able to Just Be Yourself, success that comes after will taste sweeter.

The Social, The Changing Media Landscape In Canada


Do you like to watch talk show? I do, because it’s my way of learning a new language and digging into a particular culture.

CTV has launched, on September 2nd, a new talk show, called The Social. It’s a socially interactive talk show, which is brought to fruition through the effective use of various social media platforms.

Of all the talk shows that I’ve watched since I moved to Canada, The Social is certainly my favorite.

There are two major reasons why I prefer this show more to the others.

The first, I have finally seen someone in a visible, leading position, who shares the similar physical attributes and family background as I do. To my delight, Lainey Lui, the celebrity Chinese Canadian gossips blogger is one of the co-hosts. CTV has been a pioneer and champion for diversity in its workforce for a long time, in a still predominantly whitewashed Canadian media landscape. A lot of shows that I was initially drawn to on CTV were not for their contents and qualities, but for one or two members of the cast, with whom I could identify on a physical level.

Some people might say, ” This is not a school playground where everybody should have a go with the game.” Well, I bet it differs. The composition of Canadian population is rapidly changing. Canadian mainstream medias still have a lot of catching up to do. None of us would like to go unheard or unrecognized. A great number of nonwhite Canadians have been suffering “The invisibility Syndrome” since childhood. It’s about time that what we see on our TV screen represents what we experience in our real life.  On The Social, we have an Asian Canadian, a Black Canadian, a Caucasian Canadian, and a Canadian of mixed ancestries. Now, this casting choice is a sign of progression in the Canadian mainstream medias.

Second of all, this show feels young, and is very much connected with its audience. If youthfulness and closer public connection were the two objectives of The Social, the staffs of the show have certainly achieved their goals. The incorporation of the social medias has certainly contributed to show’s success. The four hosts of the show come across as far more outspoken, in a more relatable and personable way, than any of their rivals, stateside. Unlike the shouting match of the view, or the pretentious posh of The Talk, the hosts of The Social are just being who they truly are on and off the camera. As they all had openly admitted, prior to the launch the show that the only way the show could take off would be for them to remain their authentic self on the show.

Although The Social is still in its infancy; however, its potential, magnified by its conceptual brilliance will certainly deliver a bundle of fruitful return to the team.

Good luck to you, Ladies and Gentlemen!