How Many Times Can One Introduce Oneself?

How many times can My name is…be used before it is exhausted to the bone?

We may get tired of doing the same thing over and over; however, the necessity in the doing, at times, forces us to put up with the incessant repetition in order to finish the tasks at hand.

Tell me about yourself can be the simplest yet most challenging question there is. Its simplicity lies in the fact that any random words thrown together can easily conjure up an image of who we are in the mind of others, while its challenging nature is influenced by the precariousness of the hastily assembled words, which may or may not paint an accurate portrayal of our authentic self and what we are capable of personally.

Environmentalism Of The Mind

“Studying technology is like ‘environmentalism of the mind,’ the writer Clive Thompson says. Indeed, Sherry Turkle likens the perils of digital media to climate change: The upside is immediate, the worst problems are far off, and the industry lacks the incentive to change.

Another popular analogy compares digital media to the food industry. ‘Just as the food industry manipulates our innate biases for salt, sugar, and fat with perfectly engineered combinations,’ Tristan Harris writes, ‘the tech industry bulldozes our innate biases’ for things like social approval and novelty-seeking. He hopes consumers will demand more mindful technology as they did healthier foods.”~Danny Funt, CJR

Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser

I chase my Canadian dream relentlessly, because the fighting spirit, an elusive commodity, which can only be truly obtained through physical labor, whose preciousness can never be precisely equated with monetary values, energizes me profoundly. Once self-considered to be one of those, who would comfortably reside in his world of familiarity for this lifetime, my desire in chasing a far-flung dream has unveiled to me aspects of myself that are surprisingly heart-warming.

In wanting to realize a seemingly impossible dream, I discovered my courage and ability to commit to what makes my soul sing with joy without bits of pretentiousness and effort; in wanting to be one with the country, of which I’ve been daydreaming about for more than a decade, I saw my flexibility and willingness to embrace a reality, which may not be of my heart’s desire; rather, for what it is, as cruel as it may be, that’s in front of me; in wanting to achieve my ultimate goal, I did my best to let go of the specifics, in terms of the details of how a dream is brought into its fruition, instead, I channeled my attention to improving the one and only element along the journey that I’m in charge of, me, while letting history unfold on its own term.

A sense of victory and a feel of vulnerability pretty much characterize the mood of many dream chasers. Chasing a fixed goal in a world full of uncertainty is exhilarating, taxing, and scary.

Needed Distance

Distance engenders sadness; yet, it can also create a sense of mystic that’s much needed in any type of relationship. Being open to others about either who we are or what we are after is said to be the way; just like many things that sound good in theory but prove to be impractical in practice, being our authentic self in a distance-reduced confinement can bring about not only more disharmony than harmony at times, but it also can cause more personal friction and unforeseeable dramas between others, in particular those we love, and us.

No thicker walls can be erected to replace the needed distance that only space and time create. No amount of nooks and crannies in a confined enclosure can create a sense of mystic that only space and time can. Leave some space between others and us, because in the middle is where happiness and harmony reside.