Eyes On Reality


Eyes are windows to our soul. In a blink of a second, a magical yet unspoken, intuitive connection can be established.

Some of our eyes are brown. Some are blue. And, some are somewhere in between. Although all eyes are born with the same functions and abilities; however, not all are being celebrated equally, of which is a mirror of the racially-based cultural and esthetical bias at large.

Take It All In


I have walked this stretch of the Yonge street countless times. The sight of the church tower, the street lamps and the traffic has become so ordinary to me that I, oftentimes, don’t give it a second look.

As I took an evening stroll the other day, I stopped myself in an empty street to just take in the beautiful sight that was in front of me, which I have taken for granted. As beautiful as this sight already was, I was sure that it would have been more beautiful had my parents been by my side to enjoy it.


Vintage Glass


A brand new week brings along new experiences. A brand new week sets our curiosity in motion.

Although we may still be the witness to all things that are new and exciting behind the glass of our vintage vehicle; however, just be sure that we won’t become one of those complacent drivers, who doesn’t wow at the unexpected intricacy of this world.

Magical Colors Of The Night


Many people don’t believe in magic, though a large number of them do hope for encountering some kind of miracle in their lives. I’m not sure of when and where I have experienced magic, but I do hope for being the recipient of some miracles in my lifetime.

Walking in a moonlit city, the magical colors of the night do make me feel like being in a fairytale wonderland in a children’s storybook.

Attitude Is Everything


Many people in Toronto love to complain about the public transit services. Sure, it is not the fastest and the most efficient, but it is not the worst. Having lived in other cities and used the local public transit, I have learned to appreciate the one that I get to enjoy in my own town.

A lot of time, being appreciative and grateful is the way to stop having complaint in our day-to-day conversations. Attitude is everything.