A Bad Manner

When a church bell is ringing loudly, it is a moment to reminisce the past glories. When a person is talking loudly in a public space, it is a sign of bad manner and inconsideration.


Public space is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. That being said, public sharing and enjoyment don’t excuse any of us from upholding the most basic public manners.

I, at times, wish that I could be as carefree as those loud talkers in public. Although I am determined to loosen myself up more; although I am aspired to be a confident individual; however, no amount of free spirit can ever liberate me to a degree, where I won’t mind becoming the subject of public annoyance, all due to my inconsideration in the form of verbal disturbance.

An Useless Assumption

When the day is bright and the grass is green, it is easier for us to be in the good mood. When the day is cloudy and the people are cold, it is even more important to keep our composure and be happy.


Although there are books to teach us how to unload the weights that we felt on the inside due to the behaviors of others; however, there are no tips written on a piece of paper that have the power to completely change our perspectives if we didn’t, willingly, put in the effort and the practice in a real life situation.

We know ourselves better than anyone on earth. We know what makes us feel good and happy. Our method may not be the publicly esteemed one, so what? An award-winning method, though it can work magic in the lives of others; however, if it fails to work its magic in our own, it is no more than an useless assumption.


The World Is Not Going To Fall Apart

Don’t live your life so cautiously. Loosen up more. Be more carefree. Even though life is tough at times; however, you still need to keep your mood in check and adjust it adequately so that it won’t impact the quality of your, as well as your parents’ lives.” These are some valuable life lessons, which have been given to me last night by a family friend.

Sitting at a restaurant table on top of the once tallest man-made structure in the world, CN tower, the glass wall offered an unparalleled, panoramic 360-degree view of the beautiful city of Toronto.


As I enjoyed the beauties of the city, while chatting with the family friend over an expensive plate of main course, I felt a sense of warmth that I hadn’t experienced for so long; the type of warmth that only those, who knew my parents, could provide me with.

I poured my heart out to her over the course of our interaction and shared with her some of my life experiences. Having been the one, who was doing most of the listening, she chimed in. Based on her observation of me, she suggested to me that I shouldn’t keep on living so cautiously twenty-four seven, because it was going to be an exhausting life if I chose to keep on living this way. “World is not going to fall apart should you decide to loosen yourself up a bit more,” she said to me.

She is right, world is not going to fall apart should I choose to be happier and more carefree. Being happier and more carefree is not an easy task to accomplish if we have been living so carefully for a long time. That being said, I am giving this new way of life a try.


A Guard Dog

To have a bit of fun in life is easy. We don’t have to spend tons of our nickels and dimes to get our groove on.  To be a bit of creative is not daunting. All we need is to firstly put our nagging self to rest for a few minutes so that we can let our creativity run free in our veins through our fingers onto an exterior object.

I saw a cute guarding dog sitting in front of a fire station. It looked cute and friendly that I had to stop to take a picture of it.


It really doesn’t take much to put a smile on the stressed city-dwellers’ faces. It really doesn’t take much to help lighten up another person’s day. If you are feeling stressed at this very moment, please take a look around of your surrounding, you may just catch a glimpse of the expression of someone else’ creativity that puts a smile on your face.

Someone Is Watching

I took a walk along the beautiful Toronto waterfront over this past weekend. The sun was brightly shining. The sky was heavenly blue. The air was freshly crisp. And, the water was sparkling clean.

I slowed down my pace, took a stop and turned to my left side, in the distance, I saw a tiny canoe paddled across the horizon. I was captivated by this picturesque moment as each and every upward and downward movement of the paddle in action.

In life, we don’t always know who is watching us. We may feel like paddling alone in our own endeavor, unbeknownst to us that someone is, in the distance, admiring and giving us silent encouragement and blessing.