La Dissipation D’une Bonne Relation

J’ai la tendance innée à me tout donner pour bien servir les autres. Aidant les autres, qui sont dans le besoin, à surmonter leurs propres obstacles me fait sentir victorieux et fantastique. Récemment, je me trouve de sentir plus en plus agité, en voyant le manque d’appréciation et de gratitude, montrées par des gens, qui ont été les bénéficiaires de ma générosité.

Si la réciprocité n’existait pas, la relation ne serait pas là. On a parfois l’habitude de considérer la générosité et l’amitié des autres comme acquis; par conséquent, on ne se montre pas du tout de gratitude à ceux ou celles, qui nous ont donné leur main. Le manque d’appréciation et de gratitude, ce sont des raisons pour lesquelles une bonne relation se dissipe.

Choosing An English Name

Many non English-speaking people love choosing an English name for themselves. This morning, I read an article in The Guardian, which highlighted the extent, to which the Chinese national broadcaster, CCTV, had gone to teach the Chinese the dos and don’ts in picking an English name.

There are different reasons why non-westerners decide to pick an English name. It could be because of the cool factor, wanting to emulate the Hollywood celebrities. It could also be for convenient purposes, due to the difficulty that many westerners have in pronouncing correctly non-English names.

Name is meant to be representative of our culture, linguistic heritage and familial tradition. Although it is the right of any non English-speaking people to choose an English name; however, when you don’t speak the language or represent the culture in any sort of way, it is undeniable that there are an inevitable disconnection and a noticeable mismatch in between the name and the person, who carries it.

In my opinion, we should be proud of the name, chosen for us by our parents. Choosing a kid’s name is a long and carefully thought out process. Why do we opt for something that is superficial; rather than for a name, which will always be representative of who we are culturally and of our parents’ love and adoration for us?

Learning To Appreciate Small Things In Life

In Toronto, many people complain about the public transit. Although what we are dealing with in our metropolis is an aging public transit system; however, it is still good and efficient after all. Three years ago, while studying in Montreal, my experience with its public transit system made me appreciate what we had in Toronto even more. Today, I am made to appreciate, once again, the simple things that I normally take for granted in life.

Over the past few days, I had been trying to cure a skin rash, caused by my weak immune system. As the healing progressed, the skin around the initially itchy and reddened spots gradually dried up, discolored and took on the appearance of a scar. I was embarrassed by how I looked. I stayed at home most of the time. Even when I needed to run some errands, I lifted up my jacket collars and wore beanie hat, attempting to cover the scarred spots up. It was such a chore that my mood had been in the blue for a few days in a row. Today, the discolored, dead skin finally came off. I can’t express how free I feel.

I’m not a person, who often remembers to have appreciation for the small things in life. Today, I am made to learn this lesson, once again.