Short-lived Elation

Majority of parents want their kids to be better and worldlier than they are. To achieve this goal, they willingly spend their life-saving, personal time, and energy on their kids. One day, the moment has finally arrived, where they realize that their kids have become the type of person that they hoped that they would. After a short-lived elation, they also come to the realization that their kids are no longer in sync with their own thinking, values and universal perspective.

The significant changes in their kids make the parents feel like losing control. Their kids have become someone that they no longer know; someone, who sees, understands, and interprets the world differently. The “loss” of their kids angers them. The foreignness exhibited by their kids frustrates them. The parents don’t know how sweet babies of theirs could become someone that they no longer can communicate with, whose values can no longer be described by the adjective, shared.

The parents start to question themselves. They begin to contemplate deeply and hardly. Through contemplation, they find the answer. Their worldly youngsters are in fact the type of person that they felt aspired to raise in the family all along the way.

Les Paroles Blessantes De Nos Parents

Il y a tant de choses, qui nous blessent sérieusement. Parmi elles, les paroles de nos parents sont les celles, qui peuvent nous blesser et détruire au plus fond de notre être.

Souvent, les parents se plaignent la manque de compréhension de la nôtre. Rarement sont-ils, les parents, conscients d’avoir la nécessité de garder un peu de compréhension pour notre point de vue.

Bien qu’on se rebelle à nos parents et se déclare oralement à eux qu’on ne veut pas conduire la vie, en s’accordant à son plan; cela dit, on garde toujours une conscience qu’on doit faire compromis pour qu’on puisse vivre nos principes, en même temps, plaire aux parents,  quelque soit la dysharmonie parmi nous tous. Étant enfants, on essaie souvent à comprendre la veilleuse génération. Je sais pas si je pouvais dire la même chose pour mes parents. En imposant leur croyances et valeurs traditionnelles forcément me semblent leur façon de se résister aux nouveaux changements qu’ils doivent faire face.

Honesty Between Parents And A Child

Is honesty the best policy in between a child and his parents? In childhood, I believe that it is. In adulthood, I doubt it.

As a child, we were constantly learning. Like a sponge, we absorbed everything that our parents taught us. We took our parents’ teachings as gospels that not a single word spoken by them was worth of being questioned.

This sponge absorption tendency of ours changed when we reached adulthood. We no longer have that pure and untainted mind. Our family teachings, mixed with outside experiences and personal discoveries have informed us singularly and helped us develop a perspective, a worldview that is different from our parents.

The harmony unites and the difference hurts. In being honest with our parents, our different worldly perspective can be misinterpreted as lack of understanding of them; in being honest with our parents, our different worldly perspective can be misinterpreted as lack of appreciation of their good intention and caring; and, in being honest with our parents, potentially, our different worldly perspective can be misinterpreted as a disrespect of the cultural traditions that we were born and raised in.

Oh life oh life, what an epic learning curve!


What An Instagram Post Has Taught Me, Again

Commitment, this is what an Instagram post has taught me again today.

Here’s the backstory: I bought a H&M sweater the other day that I adored. Shortly after that purchase, I also discovered Steve Aoki’s hot track, ” Delirious”. I liked these two discoveries so much that I decided to do my own version of outfit of the day for my Instagram page.

It was fun letting my imagination go wild. The ad like photo transition with the hot track pumping in the background was cool to say the least.

Once the creation was completed. I uploaded it to my Instagram page. Immediately, anxiety of all kinds started to kick in. “How many likes am I going to get?” “What if mean comments were left on my page?” “Will my pictures be misused by some weirdos?” I just couldn’t quiet down my anxious mind. I ended up having the post removed from my page.

Reflecting on this experience, I was made to be aware of my lack of commitment to it. Had I been as committed to this experience as I was to others in my past, I wouldn’t have worried too much about either what others would think of me nor the amount of “Likes” that I’d get; instead, I would just simply be focused on the experience itself, enjoying every second of it.