Dirty Laundry

I wish that I could be kind and sweet at all time, but I am not. I can be judgmental, critical, and egotistic at certain time of the day. I used to and, still, fight it so hard against these negative emotions; that being said, I have learned to embrace and accept them, because I realize that, despite all their not so seductive traits, they make up parts of human nature and daily existence.

Realization and acceptance of what the reality is can be liberating. This sense of liberation does not mean that we are forever free of malaise of all kinds, thanks to our personal realization and acceptance of the what is; rather, it is just an inner knowing of what constitutes the true way of living, loving the ups, while managing effectively and coming to terms with the unflattering downs.

No one is immune to the harassment of thoughts and feelings of negativity. What makes some of those people that we often look up to appear to be all-mighty and supreme oftentimes is because they are good at not exposing their dirty laundry.

Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians

Canada’s main political party leaders are headed into their final debate on this Friday evening before October 19th, the chosen federal election date.

Political campaigns are at times like a series of soap opera, which are oftentimes filled with attacks, backstabbing, badmouthing, revelations, and endless dramas. In general, people tend to laugh at actors, who are interested in becoming politicians. I also used to snicker at this exact aspiration until I was made to discover the similarities shared between these two seemingly different fields of profession.

At the very least, advance preparation is a prerequisite for whomever engaged in either one of these professions, because it is all done in the hopes of being able to make a profoundly transformative impact upon the arrival of that special occasion. Both actors and politicians get their confidence boosted by studying, knowing, and understanding their own written materials and the role that they are obligated to play. They are taught and learn to be a persuasive communicator to impress the public to do things, which turn out to be not only in the interest of the organization, with which they are associated, but also in their own selfish favor, by being perceptibly “genuine” and declaring to fight and uphold common goals, beliefs and convictions. More importantly, Actors and politicians are trained to hide their true emotions. They are toughened up to face up to the public scrutiny so that they can appear to not only be indestructible, but also take the high road to embody a rare kind of caliber that is essential for any public figure. They wear a fake smile while it is necessary to do so, and have no problems, whatsoever, extending their hand to critiques, who just did the best to tarnish their public image and threw their past accomplishments down the drain in a heartbeat.

In examining all these fundamentals, we can see that it is not too much of a stretch for an actor to be a politician and vice versa. May be all they have to do is just to study and memorize a different kind of script in depth.