Ma Famille Ne Me Comprend Pas

Je me sens extrêmement triste en ce moment. Le manque de compréhensions de part familiale, aggravé par les fardeaux de la vie quotidienne me font chuter dans un trou profond.

Je déteste de voir les gens que j’aime crier en face de moi, car, selon moi, ce n’est pas une bonne façon de me montrer combien ils m’aiment et à quel point je leur manque. En plus, en criant sans cesse devant moi, ce comportement particulier me fait sentir coupable de me décider de poursuivre mes propres rêves aux terres lointaines, sans ne pourvoir pas avoir la proximité avec eux physiquement.

Ma famille ne comprend pas les tourments que j’expérience chaque jour psychologiquement. En repartant de moins de zéro dans un pays, où je doit me défendre et entrer en concurrence contre les talents, provenant de chaque côté du monde entier, les pressions insupportables auxquelles je doit faire face fréquemment sont difficile à endurer. Tout ce que je désire, ce sont les constants appuis familiaux, qui ne me donnerait plus d’autres presserons additionnelles. Malheureusement, ce n’est pas mon cas pour l’instant.


Conscious Uncoupling Of Holiday And Shopping

Holiday and shopping aren’t two words that necessarily go together. Our consumer-based culture makes them seem like an inseparable pair. The essence of holidays is all about sharing and celebration of love. Gift shopping is just one of the festive expressions. It certainly doesn’t define and epitomize the spirits of the festivities.

Love is priceless; a needed commodity that no money can buy. Material gifts are priced. Money can buy every single item in the window display. Many rich people are deprived of holiday spirits due to the lack of love in their lives. Many not so rich people are full of holiday spirits because they have abundant amount of love in their hearts. The purpose of gift shopping is to showcase love. If we have abundance of love in our lives, a simple “Happy Holidays!” or “I love you, darling!” is enough.

Although our consumer-base culture makes people sans gifts feel less than those, who don’t mind squandering their hard-earned money during the holiday seasons and showering their loved ones with material gifts; however, the truth of the matter is people sans shopping or gifts are not at all any less fortunate than those, who share and celebrate their love in a material way. The love kept in the heart can last longer than any material gift can.

Second Impression

First impression is important. Sure! What about the second impression? People can’t show us all that they are entirely at one time. What if people fail to show the best side of themselves the first time, due to a variety of reasons, should we never change our first impression of them ever again, even if they do better the second, the third and subsequent times in future?

I understand that in many cases, we only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. The unfortunate paradox is though first impression is crucial; however, it isn’t always an accurate and complete portrayal of who we are, because we can all either under-represent ourselves or be overly pretentious. If people that we meet for the first time believe in what they see initially as all that we are, then they set themselves up for either surprises or disappointments.


How do we know that we are wiser than before? We know it by us beginning to realize the importance of being choosy with our time.

We become choosy with our time not because we want to be loners. We become choosy with our time not because we are stingy with our kindness. We become choosy with our time because we start to truly value our self-worth, so much so that we no longer want to spend a second of our priceless commodity with those, who don’t appreciate our presence.