Where Is The Equality? Where Is The Support?

There are people with different colors of skin complexion in this world. Having been living in multicultural city for more than a decade, I truly believe that the longer we know a person, the easier it is for us to see that person, who he or she is; also, the faster it is for us to realize that the difference of skin color doesn’t turn the boy or girl next to us into someone, who’s lacking aspirations and dreams.

Because of my belief in the value of and equality for all human beings, I am constantly made to feel powerless by the senseless violence that we, humans, inflict on each other, and the unjust reality that we have helped create, consciously or unconsciously. My sense of powerlessness isn’t due to there is nothing we can do to eradicate all the ills of the world; instead, it is triggered by the fact that in 2014, we still misjudge people, solely based on their skin color.

The rich kid (Jaycee Chan, aka Jackie Chan’s son) got busted for marijuana possession, a whole village of lawyers comes out to help. The poor kid (Michael Brown) from Ferguson, Missouri, unarmed, got shot at least six times by local police on his way to his grandma’s house for simply being who he was, an African American man. None of those Caucasian artists, who have been declaring their love for Black culture and their support for The Black community, have uttered words of significance, justice, and influence.

Where is the equality? Where is the support?

I Have Been Expecting You

For as long as I can remember, it is said to be normal for parents to teach their kids to set expectations, and for them to have expectations from their kids. Parents not only do let their kids know clearly what those expectations are in detail, but they also remind their kids of those expectations constantly, using every chance they get. In so doing repetitively, kids grow up, normalizing the idea and necessity of setting expectations in everything they do and of having expectations from everyone they encounter. I am certainly one of those kids.

There is nothing wrong with setting or having expectations. If we don’t expect, we don’t get. If we don’t verbalize our expectations clearly to people in our circle, they won’t figure out themselves of what we want from them. Expectation is reflection our personal standards, requirements, and preferences in anything and anyone. As great as the idea and necessity of setting expectation can be, having expectation is shown to cause the demise of many of my friendships. Having expectations, while rarely noticing any reciprocal gestures from “friends” dilutes what once was considered to be a good friendship.

Life is a balancing act. Maybe, I should just make peace with the fact that life is an adventure, we can only expect the unexpected, while keeping the faith that no matter what arrives, that is supposed to be what we have been expecting.