Not Again

There are many instances in our lives that we are not particularly proud of. The jealousy that we have towards a particular friend, the animosity that we feel toward a colleague, who has done us wrong, and the egotistic bravado that we have displayed rudely in public, due to our own insecurities.

Although all these instances can serve as a catalyst for us to learn and grow; however, having learned the various lessons embedded in them doesn’t make us 100% immune to ever having all those self-destructive emotions again.

In my daily practice, I’ve discovered that one of the methods to increase our self-defense, in terms of the prevention of a possible takeover by self-destructive emotions is through being self-aware. By having the awareness or the memory of just how awful it felt, the last time around, to have been in a jealous, hostile, or insecure situation, most of us would surely refrain from engaging in a similar negative mindset again.

No one wants to feel discomfort and less than. In remembering how useless and self-deprecating it was to harbor those unhealthy emotions, I am sure that you will join me in saying that “ I don’t want to feel like that ever again!”


A Reality Check In Minutes


Last night, I walked past a high-end men’s fashion store, where a fancy dinner was held for raising funds for AIDS research, in one of the posh areas in Toronto.

The entire exterior of the building was all decked out in festive fashion. The glimmering techno lights slid down the front of building were just like lines of silver stream, which added more glamor to an already sparkling evening.

I continued with my walk. As soon as I left the store behind, an older gentleman appeared in my eyesight. He had white hair, wrinkly and dry skin, wearing a light jacket on a chilly November evening. Being surrounded by a few sealed bags of garbage, he leaned, bent and reached forward, doing his best to tie up the last one.

As I watched him do his job, a sense of sadness washed over me, because in less than three minutes, I had personally witnessed, with my naked eyes, one of the cruel realities of our world; the disparity between the haves and the have-nots.



Some people play game on their smartphones. Some write journal on them. And some learn about what’s happening around the world on them.


We are given many different choices throughout our lives. Very much like different smartphone applications, each one of the life choices that we make leads us to embark on a completely different adventure.

With so many choices readily available to us, at times, we may tap on the wrong one either by accident, by neglect, or by curiosity. Although what we experience, by a single tap of ours, may not be what we had expected initially; however, a new experience is gained through it, nevertheless. After all, a lifetime is a collection of different experiences, isn’t it?


No Longer Wanting To Be Under One Roof

I miss my family. I miss the time, when I could be comforted and assured simply by the presence of my family. Now, almost a decade has passed since I last felt their physical presence, I have changed a lot. Although I still miss them dearly, however, I am no longer that boy, who wanted to live in close proximity with my family. I don’t want my every move and every decision to be monitored and controlled by my family. Hence why I no longer have that strong desire to live under one roof with my loved ones.

My parents have told me numerous times that they agree to let me live my life and make my own decisions according to my liking. However, their innate inclination to control me is still alive, because they just cannot help themselves. In their hearts, They firmly believe that for me to have a good life, it would be a much wiser choice to mold me into the same kind of person as they are.

Every one of us has our individuality. In the eyes of many parents, the individuality exhibited by their kids is a form of rebellion. To tame the rebellious tendency, parents resort to verbal nagging. They want to nag their kids out of embodying their individuality to fullest, because the parents believe that in choosing to live the way they do, the kids would be happier. Little do they know, or purposely they choose to neglect and ignore that being forced to become someone that we are not, life would be much more difficult to endure.