Inner Equilibrium

I have been spending lots of time, treating a skin rash, which was caused by indigestion of certain food I ate in the recent months. Sitting here in front of my laptop, I just had a not-so-new epiphany, a good self-care for the inner world is just as important as the one for the outer world.

Unbalance on the outside can be covered by makeup, layered up by scarf or clothing, and camouflaged by glasses; unbalance on the inside can’t. It shows itself in skin rash; it shows itself in all types of visible symptoms just to make us aware of how off-balanced we are on the inside.

We, boys and girls of this day and age, spend so much time, perfecting our outer appearance. Although we all know the importance of maintaining the equilibrium of our inner world; however, how many of us are consciously doing it? Many among us still smoke, drink, consume coffee and incorporate into our diet all types of food that we know are hindrance to leading a balanced life.

This skin rash that I have spent time treating has taught me, once again, the lesson of self-restraint and of balance. If I know certain things are harmful to my health, I need to restrain myself from getting in contact with them. To make it a success, it takes time, awareness and commitment. In terms of the lesson of balance, I have learned that healthy eating doesn’t mean excessive consumption of fruit, vegetable and shellfish. Everything needs to be in moderation. To look good on the outside, I have to take care of my inner world first.


Shrimp, crab, mango, coffee, and spicy food, are any of these your favorite to consume on a regular basis? You put them into your body, because you are under the impression that they either make you more alert or healthier, right? Beware! If you consume them excessively, instead of helping you get into either of those two states easily, you will experience an adverse effect. How do I know this? Because I have been dealing with it for two days.

There is a rash that is slowly spreading across the right side of my face. The rash is itchy and gives me burning sensation. I was confused by the sudden appearance of this rash on my skin, since my diet, in recent months, has been pretty balanced; mostly seafood, fruit and vegetable-based.

No longer could put up with the itchiness and annoyance that this rash caused, I went to see a doctor specialized in Chinese herbal medicine this morning. After examining my veins, a diagnosis was given to me. It turned out that the causes of this rash were those five types of food mentioned above. The doctor told me that moderate consumption of those five types of food was OK; that being said, excessive consumption of them could lead to indigestion. Indigestion of those five types of food then caused my immune systems to weaken; as a consequence, the rash appeared.

Gosh, there are so many dos and don’ts, regarding healthy eating. Now I just have to boil up this bag of prescribed, assorted dried herbs, drink the juice and wait for miracle.


Note to self: stimulant is bad. Always enjoy life with moderation.